Friday, December 21, 2007

Community Video: Fun with WiiMote and Compiz Fusion

Since I won't have time to make videos over this holiday, I've decided to look over videos I enjoy or find interesting and post them here as "Community Videos." Of course, they will all remain about Compiz Fusion and related topics!

This was made by our very own SmSpillaz, whom you should know by now:

This video demonstrates how you can use a WiiMote along with Compiz Fusion to do some pretty cool stuff.

Note that it is done all with the inbuilt accelerometer, and I'm using the 'Hack' WiiMote driver via uinput. There is an actual driver being developed by the freedesktop guys as we speak (And it works with MPX too :))

I didn't use the IR pointer because it's a pain to use with plugins that warp the pointer (Such as cube) and puts your pointer out of sync.

More info at
My observations: It looks like an interesting way of manipulating Compiz Fusion (and a desktop in general) but certainly not something that would be useful or have a purpose other than impressing people with your 1337 h4x0r skillz :P. Still, good work Sam!

Please note that I did not make this video, or any others in the future labeled "Community Video." Refer to the Youtube page to give the author feedback.


Vaibhav Bajpai said...

now I want to play Digger :-|

Rashad Mughal said...


How about using the Nokia N95 to control it?

It has bluetooth and also a accelerometer!

Plus a C++ API maybe you could do something with that!

Anonymous said...
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pejeno said...

The creator of the video should use 2 infrared leds places in the upper part of the screen for better control of the cursor's location. You need to use a lot of movements because the control rely exclusively on the wiimote's accelerometer.

Gavin said...

Bad spam! NO BISCUIT!