Saturday, December 15, 2007

Episode III

Original MPEG added.

As a special treat, I present episode III of FusionCast. It's a no-talking episode, but it features Freescale, Shelf, and Freewins, and a few less known features of these three new(ish) plugins.

Hope you enjoy, and don't mind if the quality is a little below my usual standard--I made this in a few hours.

All three plugins are available through the GIT repository.


Freescale is a simple hack by SmSpillaz that changes Freewins so that it scales windows instead of rotating them. It has a few bugs, and is a hack, so the code is less polished.

Shelf, on the other hand, is based on the miniwin plugin from long ago. The name was suggested by me in the forums, when I had the same sort of idea. Since it's coded by KristianLy (he made many plugins and is a member of the team), and has been made from scratch, it will most likely have less bugs and be under longer development. Also, the point of Shelf is more useful than Freescale is, since Freescale is what its name says--free-scaling. It has about as much use as Freewins. Shelf, however, should be useful as a sort of replacement to minimization.

The bugs at the end are just a little example of silly things you can do. If you make all your windows at the same 3d angle as the desktop, it can look sort of like you are working on a 3d table. Of course, you can't use your windows while using Freewins, but.... it looks cool. :D

Original MPEG here.

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Vadim Peretokin said...

I didn't quite get the point of the "be patient" plugin... and you spent a bit too much time on freewins :)

But the bugs are awesome.

Gavin said...

It might make more sense if you visited the idea in the forums. There are also some desktop environments that have that sort of feature already, such as Enlightenment.

And do be patient, right now it seems dumb but it's going to improve greatly.

Gavin said...

Also, looking back at it, it looks like I'm doing something with the black rectangle. That's actually me accidentally super-dragging (which makes a dark rectangle for the group plugin.

That has nothing to do with the feature. The thing that makes it better than the freescale is that you can place it anywhere on screen, freescale has the original window dimensions, so you can't go up higher than the window at its full size would be, unless you turn off "limit y" in the Move plugin.

I have a real feeling that it's going to get much better though.

Speaking of which, let me repost the idea right here in the blog, so it's clearer :)