Monday, April 14, 2008

Fusioncast Episode IV

(if you are seeing this from the planet, without the youtube video, visit the actual blog post to see this episode)

NOTE: I'm experimenting with the new "annotations" feature on Youtube. You'll have to go to the video's page to see them though. Let me know what you think!

Yes, you read that right! It's another episode of Fusioncast, this time reviewing:
  • Cube cylinder
  • Mag plugin
  • Showmouse
  • The new expo curve
  • Updates to atlantis
  • An excerpt about the wii head tracking plugin


You will have to compile compiz fusion from source to get the cylinder and other new plugins. Some plugins may already be available in the Hardy beta, however.

I don't have a Wii controller, so I took a segment from Smspillaz's video (see below). Learn more at his blog.

Since everyone always asks about my theme, I'll just let you all know right now: This time, it's the Ubuntu Hardy "Human-Murrine" with customized colors (I like that they finally included this option for the Human theme!). The wallpaper is linked below. Using the "Glossy" metacity theme. Running Hardy Heron beta.

I'm also (as usual) using Kiba-Dock, SVN version. It's extremely alpha software, and quite buggy since it's not a release (I'm not complaining), but I like to run it for fun (and because it looks so cool).

I used Blender to make the little 3d compiz-cube, and I will upload the source files soon. Patience, guys. I intend to upload all the source videos and files as well for your tinkering benefit. It's coming.

EDIT: Sorry for forgetting to mention the video editor! I use kdenlive (as in the other fusioncasts). It's a little improved in the Hardy repos, but still extremely buggy. I'm waiting for all those MLT bugs to get fixed, guys!!

Please comment if I've forgotten to mention something. I'll set it aright.


Dock on the bottom of the screen
Link to the website of the amazing cute movie with the rabbit (it's an open source movie!)
The original Wii head tracking video by Johnny Lee
Wii head tracking with compiz fusion by Smspillaz
Where the cool music came from


Original video file + all source files coming soon!

Please email me at fusioncast at gmail dot com!
I am on IRC occasionally under the nick of gavintlgold.
Also, comment by clicking on the link below.


Unknown said...

Great job, thank’s.
What did you use to mount the film ?
Lives ?
pitivi ?
I never can do anything with those…

Unknown said...

hi, what program do you use to edit the video and capture your screen ?

Gavin said...

Yes, it was late :) I'm sorry for forgetting. It's kdenlive! :) It's extremely buggy, but effective.

You have to reload quite often to get the video synced with the timeline... and I wouldn't recommend it, but it's fun to play with.

I would suggest using it from the repos since the subversion is extremely buggy and usually doesn't even compile properly. This version was from the Hardy repos.

It keeps getting better though.

Gavin said...

By the way, I just realized that all the comments for fusioncast needed to be google accounts... I've changed that now. I was wondering why there weren't so many comments.

Sorry guys :)

Unknown said...

Wooohooo! Amazing!

P.S.:I'm amazed you manage to do video editing in linux xD