Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Compiz Fusion Sphere is here! Yay!

All hail Desktop Sphere!

Finally, onestone has managed to code the desktop sphere many people were waiting for! He wrote about it on his blog. It's quite a neat plugin, and also merges the cubecaps plugin with the cube addon plugin, making for less plugins to worry about (the cubecaps plugin was sort of minor in the configurations, anyway).

Only available in git of course, but great to try out for those of us who have access to that ;)

And digg it too so others know:

Blog post:

Edit: sorry about messing up the planet, it's an annoying bug :(

Edit 2: To clarify, the sphere is available in the "Cubeaddon" plugin.


OasisGames said...

Note: Your pic is quite massive and is not scaled down on the planet. Please ensure that it is scaled properly as it's screwing with things.
Also, yes, the sphere is awesome. It's also smoother than the old sphere, probably because it's being shrunk for aspect reasons...

Anonymous said...

What is the compiz fusion sphere called in git?... Thanks in advance

Gavin said...

@anon: Edited the post accordingly, see bottom.

Malibu said...

I`m trying to install the cubeaddon package but i`m getting an erro message and try to "make". with cubecapps it is going OK. Any idea?

some-guy said...

you said it merges wallpaper, don't you mean cubcaps?

you need compiz git

Gavin said...

@some-guy: Yes, sorry about that. For some reason I confuse the two :-/ .