Monday, June 16, 2008

FusionCast Episode V - Ghost + Dodge!

NOTE: I would seriously recommend watching this from the Youtube page. You'll get the annotations that way and they'll clarify a few things. I'm putting the video here anyway for lazy people:

Here's a new episode of FusionCast! This time, we run through a couple of things you can do with the similar plugins Ghost and Dodge (not to be confused with the dodge animation!). These plugins are available only with the developmental version of Compiz Fusion (GIT).

Ghost: This plugin (in its default settings) makes all normal windows set to "Always on Top" transparent and inputless. In other words, you can click underneath the window but still see it. This can be useful for typing in commands, but also (I imagine) for image editing without having to import a photo into the image editor (see the video's example).

I changed the settings to this because I found it worked better (Allowing windows that aren't "normal" to ghost too):

Dodge: This plugin also lets you have windows on top without worrying about using their input. Instead of making the window transparent, it slides it out of the way when your cursor would be over it. Other ways of dodging are making the window go all the way off the screen and physically move (where it will remain until it is moved again). The wobbly effect really makes this plugin great. My custom configuration follows:

Oh, for those who thought this was pointless because the plugins are already pretty old, I am active now and you'll get a more useful, up to date video soon. This video is after all geared towards those who don't have GIT compiz I suppose. :) Horray for summer!

Ghost on gitweb
Dodge on gitweb

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I am on IRC occasionally (at #compiz-fusion) under the nick of gavintlgold.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, you've become a master in annotations I see ;)
Really well done, I think people who didn't find these plugins really useful have now changed their minds, thanks to you !
Looking forward for the next vid ! :p , and sorry for my English :D

Gavin said...

Just so you know, there's no way I would have known that you weren't a native english speaker had you not mentioned it!

Anonymous said...

Really ? thanks ! I'll still try to improve it :)

Anonymous said...

You miss to credit "GNU" at the end.

Anonymous said...

I can't access youtube. Could you post a download link?