Friday, September 14, 2007

FusionCast Flash Episode I

This episode gives a quick picture of the latest development versions of Kiba Dock and Avant Window Navigator, the two most popular Linux docks which require Compiz Fusion or Beryl to run.

Avant Window Navigator

Kiba Dock

There are basic installation instructions on the two websites. However, I am going to make a howto right here for both eventually, probably on Sunday, and post that here. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Find the original MPEG file here.

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Unknown said...


btw you said "fusioncast dot gmail dot com" instead of "fusioncast at gmail dot com"

Gavin said...

Yes, i was hoping no one else noticed.

Puthali said...

gr8! can't wait to try out kiba dock now... :)

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

The instructions for kiba dock aren't clear. Can someone help me...

I just need instructions for setting it up.

Unknown said...

Hi. I have the same problem of michael: I cannot configure kiba-dock as well as you. Can you help me? pietro.giordano81 at gmail dot com

Thanks a lot!!!

miChou said...

This is just awesome! Keep up the good work! :)