Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cancel that.... Instead, a plea for help!

I have decided not to do the dock special, since the docks are under too much development currently. There would end up being bickering over features I didn't know about.

Instead, we thought a troubleshooting episode would be good, with common problems and places to get help with them.

Please discuss this here:

I need ideas on which errors and problems to feature. Thanks! The less I have to spend working on putting together the episode, the faster I can get this out. What with school, I've been very busy with homework and the like. I even have SAT class on Saturdays now, adding to my homework as well as taking away another day of the week.

So if you guys (I know you're out there, I have a hit counter) can give me ideas, we can get this thing rolling again. You helped me with the theme music, now let's get some content!

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