Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My new Xwinwrap gui Gwinwrap

I'm pleased to announce the first public version of my pygtk app Gwinwrap. It's still very new, and most likely buggy, but if you feel like trying it the code is at Google Code.
Basically, it finds all your xscreensavers and lists them, with a preview. You can choose to start the xwinwrap screen with opacity, and choose whether or not to use a nice command before for better cpu management. Xscreensaver Arguments are also accepted in the input box.
Hope you like it!


CrisdmonBlog said...

I used in opensuse 11 Gwinwrap with compiz-fusion but i don't see my desktop icon.
How i can resolve it? Is possible?

Anonymous said...

Can it be used to set a screensaver as a background?

Gavin said...

@crisdmonblog: Unfortunately, xwinwrap covers the desktop icons. The only way to get around this is to use the opacity setting, or remove desktop icons. This is because Nautilus doesn't support transparency (same thing with the Wallpaper plugin in compiz fusion).

@vadi: That's the whole point of the app! :)

Anonymous said...

OK, cool!

Will wait 'till there's a .deb available =)

Gavin said...

@Anon: You don't need a deb! It's just a python app, which means no compiling. A deb would just move the file somewhere else!

Download the tar.gz and double click on the gwinwrap.py file after making it executable. No work necessary.

Anonymous said...

But that requires me finding a place where to put it, and using the file browser each time to navigate to it.

I prefer the "I don't care where the program is, as long as it shows up in Applications" style =D

avi said...

Great Idea. It's just like anibg but with a gui, instead of cli. Although, for some reason the default location for xscreensavers in Fedora is /usr/libexec/xscreensaver/ so it obviously can't find the xscreensavers.

lsb_release -is = Fedora

I've changed the location in the script and it seems to work. Thanks for your work.

Avi said...

Oh, I forgot to ask, do you think that you'll add video support soon?

Gavin said...

@avi: Thanks for the heads-up, I was guessing I would run into the problem of xscreensaver location at some point. I'll add a bug so I can remember to fix it.

Also, i just have the list show all items in the directory, but that could be a problem if in some cases the directory has more than xscreensavers. I'll have to make a check somehow.

About video: It really shouldn't be hard to add. I'll just have to figure out how the gtk stuff with file choosers works, but that won't take long (remember, I'm new at almost all of this!)

Also, for video to really work the settings need to be saved. I'm currently planning and designing a new, customizable system (so the user can save options and choose them later), so when I'm done with that I can add video to that. I expect it will take just a little while. I certainly would like to have video support, since that's where it really gets interesting.

@anon: I'm going to look in to adding a Setup.py script to install gwinwrap so it appears in menus. I don't know how to package stuff so I'm not going to attempt to make a deb (anyone who wants can).

Gavin said...

Oh, I also will need to add an advanced tab for xwinwrap to set more options. Right now they're all hard-coded except for opacity.

Jadd said...

I love this! Great idea!
Unfortunately, this app suffers from the same problems that xwinwrap suffers from. Are you interested in getting those bug reports?

Gavin said...

@Jadd: Sure, I'd like to polish this as much as possible. Remember, if it's an xwinwrap problem, I can't fix it because I use xwinwrap to launch my apps. If you're talking about something simpler, I could try to fix it. :)

teopost said...

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Rob Stewart said...

this is great. I am using KDE4 with gwinwrap svn version 16. The "Cool plasma" item allows me to access (click, move etc...) my plasmoids on my desktop. All other items in the list cover the plasmoids, and I cannot see them. Also the "minimize" function in compiz-fusion removes the effect created by gwinwrap. I would prefer that the effects stayed, even though my applications are minimized. Great application though, keep working on this - would love to see it integrated with compiz-fusion.


Gavin said...

@ rob stewart:

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Since gwinwrap is just launching the app xwinwrap with the selected options, I'm not sure if my program can fix these problems. I believe the problem you have with viewing plasmoids is you are not using opacity. Since cool plasma has opacity, you can see through xwinwrap below to your plasmoids. Xwinwrap lacks the ability to launch under the desktop. Gnome users will notice that all their icons are not visible under a 100% opacity setting too.

Quick fix: Change your opacity to 80% or lower and you'll see the plasmoids.

As for the "minimize" thing, this is because compiz fusion is detecting xwinwrap as a separate window. You might want to put an exception in your compiz fusion settings. Meanwhile, I'll see if there's any way to change the way the window is treated. :)

Shantanu Goel said...

I found a few short comings with xwinwrap and also wanted a cpl of new features, so I have restarted its development here: http://tech.shantanugoel.com/projects/linux/shantz-xwinwrap
Check it out and let me know ur comments and feature requests.

Aparna said...

I see this stuff and its really nice.