Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Long time no post

Hello, I'm still alive, but busy in High School, finishing my senior year. I hope that I will have time in my college years to continue this, as compiz moves in new directions.

Indeed, as Compiz Fusion seems to be coming to an end, I may have to rename the cast. At the moment I do not have time enough to make more episodes, and compiz fusion hasn't developed much anyway.

I am pretty sure that this summer I will be able to start 'er up again, maybe with a new name, and start fresh with all new bleeding edge compiz++! :)

Another reason for me posting this is an important message: DO NOT INSTALL VIA GIT ANYMORE. As Kristian mentioned, the new work on Compiz has moved to git, and confused up scripts and how-tos. Just use what Ubuntu ships with; it's up-to-date enough to have all the plugins I've reviewed.

I don't know how many people still check this blog, but I hope to start something again sometime in the near future. :) Thanks for staying subscribed all this time!



Mercutio22 said...
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Mercutio22 said...

Hello Gavin!
I've been accompanying your blog for a while its very well done! Good job.

Maybe in the near future you could make an episode about NOMAD and how it will be possible to have compiz effects even in remote desktop sessions.

I am curious about how you capture and edit screencasts. More specifically, What is your desktop screen resolution and resolution of the movies? To which video format do you convert your movie files before importing into Kdenlive?
Maybe you could also post a video tutorial of how to make a video tutorial =]

Tim Broder said...

good luck in school