Thursday, December 13, 2007


So, finally we find out what happened to the webspace. Our friendly host fsckr found a notice from 1and1 saying that there was pornography on his page, and that they deleted it. He then asked them to remake it, since he had no knowledge of it.

Well, it was my forum's spam gremlins that did it. So now we know what was up.

In this very very late update, I may as well add that I have ubuntu and compiz fusion git back, and have all those mouthwateringly cool new plugins installed.

So..... I think I'll see if I can make a silent (Since audio takes a lot of work) new fusioncast vid featuring those (think Shelf, freewins, freescale, atlantis2, snowball... all those good things).

Sorry for being the typical bad vidcaster and leaving you all alone without an update.

Luckily SmSpillaz has done nothing of the sort, and remains faithful with his Community News. Read that for now.

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