Saturday, July 14, 2007

Episode I

First off, I want to apologize for the bad audio. It's very hard to record audio under linux, and I'm using the best free software available to users to do it. It will continue to improve over time. :)

In this first episode, I review a few plugins, new and old:

  • Enhanced Zoom
  • Negative
  • Color Filter

Then, I let you know how to install compiz fusion, via either Trevinho's repository or gitweb.

Here are the instructions I talk about in the video. They are generally for Feisty Fawn users, but can be adjusted to fit others' needs:

  • Paste the following two lines into your /etc/apt/sources.list file. Open the file by running the command sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
    • deb feisty eyecandy
    • deb-src feisty eyecandy
  • Save the file, then close. Type:
    • wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -
  • run sudo apt-get update
  • run sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Open up Synaptic Package Manager (System>Administration) and search for compiz fusion.
  • select for installation:
    • compiz-fusion-plugins-extra, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported, compizconfig-settings-manager, emerald, emerald-themes
  • Install them. If you get an error, click apply again. It should resolve itself. If not, head to IRC.
  • Go this page and locate the fusion-icon .deb package that ends with i386. Download and install it. This will give you fusion-icon, the starter panel applet.
  • Install it.
  • Run fusion-icon (applications>system tools>Compiz Fusion Icon)
  • Compiz Fusion should be up and running now!
  • Check out Getting Started with Compiz Fusion, a video I made which helps you get configured correctly once you install and launch compiz fusion.
  • Any problems, please go on IRC (as explained in the video).
  • Have fun!
After that how to, I show you how to log in to #compiz-fusion on IRC if you're having problems. IRC is a form of instant messaging.

Finally, I show you how the Colorfilter plugin works!

I hope you enjoy this episode. I look forward to continuing with these video casts.

compiz fusion

Find the original MPEG file here.

Please email me at fusioncast at gmail dot com!
I am on IRC frequently under the nick of gavintlgold.
Also, comment by clicking on the link below.


Gavin said...

What I know is wrong, which I will try to fix:

* Text looks slightly bad, and is small. I will either use a different font for small text, or make it larger.

* The sound is horrible. This is because whenever I add a new segment of audio, it has pops in the beginning and end of it. I can't use audacity at all, so Jokosher is the only way to go. Besides, Jokosher is just using gstreamer, so it's technically gstreamer's fault. This will most likely be fixed, and maybe I should consider installing an unreleased version and seeing if this works better.

* There isn't much content. Please write with requests, and you can even send audio comments to my email address if you want. I'll include them if they are good enough. I'm open to many things. We can also discuss this on #compiz-fusion.

* There is a bug with the text that causes it to "jump" occasionally. I'll experiment with this, since it doesn't occur until exporting.

* It seems that kdenlive is very bad at mixing multiple tracks. The more I add, the worse the audio sounds, even if I'm not adding more audio, only text or other layers. I think for the audio I will make it all one file, mixed in Jokosher, and this might help a bit with that (since the background music sounded horrible at times, for instance the end when it stuttered).

* There's no place to download the videocasts. I am working on this now, with isthatall on irc. Look forward to hosted video files to go with the Youtube posts!

Please tell me what else you find! I would like this to sound and look perfect!

lowradio said...

great vidcast, keep up the good work.

ayalaFamily said...

Where can I find ezoom? I'm using TreviƱo's repository but there is no ezoom there.

Good screen cast!!!

Michael said...

Nice! I was just wondering what the name of that black theme is that you're using? And also the osx style dock at the bottom? Do you find that the dock has any noticeable performance hit?

Gavin said...

@aylafamily: enhanced zoom is still in development, so Trevinho has not added it to his repository yet. You will have to install it with git. I will howto that in the next episode on saturday.

@Michael: I will add the info about my theme on my sidebar, and mention it in the next episode. AWN is the dock, and it requires Compiz or Beryl to run. So there is no 'hit' when running compiz fusion, since it can't be run otherwise ;). It is quite fast, and now has a new reflectivity option, as well as 3d.

Gavin said...

@Michael: AWN should be Avant Window Navigator in my other comment.

Shane said...

great post gavin!

i found about your blog from youtube... i want to do at least one video tutorial myself... not anything as fancy as yours... i have been trying to mess around with LiVES, Cinelerra and Kino not not much happening... thanks for the tip on Kdenlive... will try it out for sure.

what version of jokosher are you using? i've only got 0.2 to work. 0.9 is not budging at all.. some bug or error can't remember... something with gstreamer though.

what do you use for screen capturing? i used gtk-recordMyDesktop... but i had to capture a very small portion of my screen to get readable fonts at such low resolutions... (no compiz btw... graphic card doesnt support openGL)

keep up the good work. People like you contribute so much more to the Linux community than are usually given credit for... 2 thumbs up from me!


p.s. the gray font on the red background is pretty hard to read...

Michael said...

Thanks for the theme! Looks great. All I need now is the panel image. The link you put in the sidebar to the image is broken.

Gavin said...

@shane: the grey text is not meant to be readible, it's just letting other web designers know that the page is still in its beginning stages. I'm assuming you mean the "webpage status: beta" text.

@Michael: lol, that was a typo, I linked to "greymatte.png" ... should have been blackmatte.png. Fixed.