Sunday, July 29, 2007

This post should have been called "Episode III" :(

Well, it happened.

After the latest kdenlive update, video export has broken, so that the video is not synced properly. This means that, sadly, I will not be able to present episode III to you. I promise that I finished it. I worked a week on it. It was going to be good, informative, helpful even.

Sadly, I am going away tomorrow for all of August, and so even if there is a fix in a couple of days, I will not be around to try it out.

So all you subscribers can only sit tight, and wait and see what the NEXT few kdenlive updates bring. And I suppose all my work will have been for naught.


Anyway, I'm happy, I'm leaving for Austria to visit my girlfriend tomorrow! (well today actually, but that's 'cause it's 1 AM.)

/me tries to forget about the futile work he spent on it, then realizes that the "/me" tag only works on IRC.

ANYWAY, you can still catch updates on , and visit the OpenCompositing forums at . And if you want videos, you can search youtube, i'm sure there are other folks who actually can export videos who have already.

Also, say hi on fusioncast forums (see post below).

I'll probably be around the forums occasionally, and in September I'll see what I can do about kdenlive... as for today, there's no time left. I have to pack!


Ben said...

that sucks. don't get too discouraged though, i'm looking forward to seeing episode III v2

Cereal Bawks said...

Could have released it afterall, someone else may have resynced it.